Dress collection

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1. Floral Print Chiffon Dress

https://mauritiusclothing.com/women/dress/floral-print-chiffon-dress/ at promo price of Rs 425 instead of Rs 600  

2. off shoulder women dress

at promo price of Rs 675 instead of Rs 900 https://mauritiusclothing.com/women/dress/off-shoulder-women-dress/

3. Long Sleeves dress

at promo price of Rs 650 instead of Rs 750 https://mauritiusclothing.com/women/dress/long-sleeves-dress/  

4. off shoulder jumpsuit romper

    at promo price of Rs 1295 instead of Rs 1500 https://mauritiusclothing.com/women/dress/off-shoulder-jumpsuit-romper/  

5. Off Shoulder Chiffon Blouse

at promo price of Rs 575 instead of Rs 800 https://mauritiusclothing.com/women/dress/off-shoulder-chiffon-blouse/    

6. Long Sleeve Sexy Mini Dress

at promo price of Rs 875 instead of Rs 1000 https://mauritiusclothing.com/women/dress/long-sleeve-sexy-mini-dress/


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